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Exhibit Opportunities

Exhibitions of this amazing collection of sculpture are very much desired.

To enhance and simplify the exhibition process, please review the following guidelines.

Target exhibitors:
Judaic Cultural / Religious Organizations
Large Community Based Organizations
Women’s Teaching Facilities
Diversity Programming Centers
Historical Societies / Organizations
Children’s Centers


The Holocaust Images Sculpture Collection is a memorial to the Six Million Jews who died in World War II. It has also been a teaching tool for the generations who have been born since that time. The collection, which is appropriate for all age groups, has had a tremendously positive impact on the thousands of individuals who have viewed the exhibit.

The Holocaust Images Collection now stands at over 40 pieces and continues to grow annually. Most of the sculptures are terracotta, with the exception of 9 bronze pieces. The terracotta pieces have a metallic finish, but remain quite fragile and in need of protection, i.e., vitrines with a glass or Plexiglas cover.

The average size of the sculptures remains small. The exact dimensions of each piece are available on the website. The configurations for any exhibit are flexible as the pieces lend themselves to all well lighted display areas.

Exhibit requirements:

  • Full exhibits must be booked for a minimum of 2 months.

  • All exhibits of the Holocaust Images Collection must be packed, unpacked, and set up by, or under the direction of, the sculptor, D. K. Lubarsky

  • Rental charges remain nominal to cover the costs of the owner, and are negotiable based on the needs of the host facility.

  • The sculptor, D. K. Lubarsky will hold whatever classes are necessary with the docents of any museum so that they may properly learn the exhibit. There is no charge for this service.

  • Smaller exhibits can also be arranged and will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

  • The Host Facility is responsible for the following:

    1. Transportation costs of moving the sculptures to and from the exhibit
    2. Appropriate insurance coverage costs
    3. The provision of all vitrines and covers
    4. Security arrangements to protect against damage and theft (which must meet with the approval of the sculptor)
    5. Transportation or accommodation expenses incurred by the owner during the set-up and breakdown of the exhibit.

    If interested, please contact D. K. Lubarsky at: Dianakay550@gmail.com

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